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Exploit your 5G network to keep valuable enterprise traffic in-house

During the COVID pandemic, nearly all Media and Entertainment (M&E) digital content creation moved to work from home. As a result, production companies now understand that work from home can scale and help reduce IT costs.


Enabling At-Home Creatives with Powerful, Secure Workstations

M&E creatives typically use high-end workstations and software for video editing, special effects, animation and game design. When they moved home, they lost access to some or all of the compute and network infrastructure at the studio.

Some common IT challenges enterprises face are how to:

  • Deliver an excellent experience for artists using graphics-intensive applications at home
  • Avoid upfront capital costs for centralized servers and storage or powerful workstations at home
  • Hire artists anywhere in the world


Teradici CAS software with PCoIP technology

Teradici enables you to offer M&E studios a secure work from home setup giving content creators remote access to powerful workstations to deliver color-accurate, lossless, and distortion-free experience for even the most graphics-intensive applications.

  • Any OS (Mac/Windows/Linux)
  • Any creative application and software stack
  • From any device they have at home

Benefits to Carriers


Carriers now have an opportunity to capture more of this valuable workflow on their networks. Instead of just shuttling data, carriers can host a full range of virtual workspace services on your network and data center, including:

  • Secure access to graphic intensive content and high-performance workstations that reside in an on-prem data center, the Edge or Public Cloud
  • Easy provisioning and management through Teradici CAS
  • Support for at-home hardware including laptops, desktops, thin and Zero Clients
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Hive VFX

Our Emmy Award-Winning technology enables over 15 million endpoints across the globe

Teradici CAS has become the gold standard for media conglomerates, production studios, and design houses to support their need for secure, high-performance virtual desktops and workstations. With Over 15 million endpoints and 15+ years of experience, you can trust us too.

Teradici Corporate Video

With the largest virtual desktop ecosystem in the world

You choose the infrastructure you want – any cloud, data center, device, OS, and application combination.

microsoft azure
google cloud

Our high-performance remote desktop and workstation software seamlessly provides the resolution, sound, and color fidelity users need to create and work from anywhere.

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CAS PCoIP Agents

PCoIP Agents

IT teams deploy remote desktops and workstations in any data center by installing PCoIP Agents.

CAS PCoIP Agents

CAS Manager

IT Administrators secure, broker, provision and monitor connections with CAS Manager.

CAS PCoIP Agents

PCoIP Clients

Users access their remote machines from any PCoIP Zero Client, PCoIP-Enabled Thin Client, PC, Mac, laptop, or tablet by installing a PCoIP Client.

Keep content and data secure in your data center or public cloud

Only image information is sent to endpoints in the form of pixels, so no business information ever leaves your secure data center.

Enable users to be productive, whether in office, at home, or even on a plane

Supports any application or use case regardless of network conditions, from standard desktops to high frame rate 4K/UHD graphics workloads.

Decide for yourself what infrastructure you want or deploy on whatever you have now

Use any endpoint and install in any host environment, from a standalone workstation to a multicloud deployment connecting to Windows or Linux desktops (macOS coming soon).


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