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Exciting News - Teradici is now an HP Company!

We are the creator of the PCoIP remote display protocol, which delivers desktops and workstations from the data center or public cloud to end users with the highest levels of security, responsiveness, and fidelity. Our remote desktop software, Teradici CAS, powers the most secure remote solutions with unparalleled performance for even the most graphics-intensive applications.


Teradici welcomes HP Amplify Partners!

Please access the Teradici resources here for more information on our solutions and contact our distribution partners for sales inquiries. Not yet an HP Amplify Partner?


Enterprise subscriptions

Our enterprise subscriptions deliver a complete set of secure remoting solutions for knowledge workers and power users across a wide range of vertical markets. There are four All Access plans choose from to fit your particular needs. Each plan includes Management Console Enterprise Edition and 24 x 7 support from Teradici.

With a Desktop Access subscription you can rest easy knowing that your deployment is up-to-date, managed efficiently and supported by the inventors of PCoIP technology. Be certain that your infrastructure will evolve and scale with you, whether in your data center or the cloud.

The CA subscription gives you access to the PCoIP Standard Agent and is designed for applications that run solely on the CPU to process the workload. The CA+ subscription unlocks the PCoIP Graphics Agent and supports applications that require GPUs to support graphic-intensive workloads.

Available Via Our OEM Ecosystem

PCoIP Zero Clients

PCoIP Zero Clients are the highest performance, most secure, and easiest to manage cloud computing end point, providing end-users a seamless experience. Available from top OEMs in the industry, PCoIP Zero Clients, allow IT to quickly scale and deliver a cost-effective, rich desktop computing experience.

PCoIP Remote Workstation Solutions

Harness the power of high-end towers, blade servers or rack workstations by converting them into a workstation that delivers high-end images to any remote location. Available for dual and quad display, PCoIP Remote Workstation solutions securely stream pixels, audio and USB over the network and are offered in a wide array of formats from our OEM partners.

Teradici's portfolio of PCoIP products is available from the following distribution partners. For local assistance, please contact your Teradici sales representative or email sales@teradici.com.

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Select products are also available from the following direct reseller partners:

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