PCoIP Remote Workstation Card

Workstation users create 3D models and designs for visual effects, motion picture, construction, manufacturing, architectural, and engineering projects. Typically, dispersed teams and contractors are needed to bring these elaborate creations to life. With the PCoIP Remote Workstation Card, these widespread resources can receive the full frame-rate rendering capabilities necessary to create complex designs and images, without ever having to be in the same office; with their sensitive corporate IP protected.

Create a Superior End-User Experience

Harness the power of high-end towers, blade servers, or rack workstations by converting them into a workstation that delivers high-end images to any remote location over affordable IP networks. Users can work with visuals rendering up to 250 mega pixels per second driving 2560x1600 resolution screens with refresh rates of up to 60 frames per second. This means no waiting forever for a change to render, no jaggies or bit-mappy images.

Protect Sensitive Information with Ultra-High Security

The card encrypts pixel transfers with advanced security algorithms including AES-256 and NSA Suite B cryptography ; which are used by governments to protect classified information. Whether you are accessing VFX files you don’t want leaked before premier night or sharing secret information between government departments, these standards ensure protected, secure image transmission.

Manage Mobility and Collaboration

Easily setup remote offices without having to configure full-scale, onsite workstations for every user. Set up the workstation at a worksite, or secure it in your data center. Either way, users can connect to it and collaborate on projects from an adjacent room, from home or from across the country.

Support and Maintenance

PCoIP Remote Workstation Cards are supported through the Cloud Access & Cloud Access Plus plans. Ensure that your deployment is supported and up-to-date with the brokering, security updates, and management software.
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 Quad DisplayDual Display
Max number of displays42
Teradici PCoIP processorTERA2240TERA2220
Common PCIe form factorsPCIe x1, FHHLPCIe x1, Low Profile
Imaging performanceup to 250 Mppsup to 130 Mpps
Max resolution2x 3840x2160 (mini DP model only)
2x 2560x1600
4x 1920x1200
1x 3840x2160 (DP model only)
1x 2560x1600
2x 1920x1200
 Refer to product documentation for details
Max application frame rate
(with PCoIP zero client)
60 fps60 fps
PCIe video ports
(connect to GPU outputs)
4x miniDP2x miniDP
Typical system power13 W13 W
Memory512 MB DDR3 with ECC512 MB DDR3 with ECC
Suite B Ciphers
Suite B Ciphers
Video port cablesminiDP to DP (included), miniDP to DVI (optional)
Ethernet10/100/GigE or optional fibre
AudioFull 16-bit stereo, 48 KHz sample rate audio
Power managementFull wake on LAN and wake on USBFull wake on LAN and wake on USB
OS SupportedWindows and Linux
Compatible end pointsPCoIP Zero Clients (multi-display), all the other clients (single display)
BrokeringRequires Remote Workstation Card Agent (Cloud Access license)


A global creative company keeps artists’ workstations in the cloud—so artists can work securely from anywhere

Sep 29, 2020, 03:58 AM
Title : A global creative company keeps artists’ workstations in the cloud—so artists can work securely from anywhere
Company name : Global Creative Company
Short Description :

A creative partner for advertising agencies, production companies, and brands, this company has offices on three continents. Specialties include visual effects, creative technology, and video production.

Artists at the company create visual magic using demanding applications such as Autodesk Flame and Maya, Foundry Nuke, Adobe AfterEffects, AVID Media Composer, and Baselight.

  • Support collaboration by enabling team members to access files from anywhere in the studio
  • Protect clients’ intellectual property
  • Give artists working from home during the pandemic the same experience they’d have in the studio
  • Lower infrastructure space, power, and cooling costs
  • Set up servers with PCoIP Remote Workstation Cards, which artists access from PCoIP Zero Clients
  • Scaled up by deploying virtual workstations on Microsoft Azure, accessed from any device running Teradici Cloud Access Software
  • Replicated local workstation experience
  • Expanded talent pool: freelancers in any city can securely access applications and files
  • Lowered cost of freelancers’ desktops
  • Reduced cloud costs by automatically spinning down virtual workstations when not in use
  • Quickly transitioned to work-from-home during COVID-19 pandemic
  • Will be able to double workforce without renting more space
Products :
  • Cloud Access Software
  • Remote Workstation Card
  • Zero Clients
Partners :
  • Microsoft
Industries :
  • Media & Entertainment
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