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Who Should Read This Guide?

This guide provides information for system administrators who are looking to implement, install, and develop Teradici Cloud Access solutions. This guide provides you with information you can use to better understand:

  • PCoIP and PCoIP Ultra protocol capabilities.
  • User connection and licensing models for Cloud Access Software.
  • The components of a Teradici Cloud Access solution.
  • How to architect Teradici Cloud Access solutions for public cloud infrastructure and on-premises datacenters.
  • Where to find detailed information on how to optimize and customize your Teradici Cloud Access solution.
  • How to optimize and customize a Teradici Cloud Access solution.
  • How Teradici CAS Manager enables scalable and cost-effective Cloud Access deployments by managing cloud compute costs, facilitating authentication and brokering PCoIP connections to remote Windows or Linux workstations.