Disconnecting from a Session

You can disconnect from a virtual desktop session and return to the OSD by pressing the device’s Connect or Disconnect button. However, if a user is in a session with a PCoIP Remote Workstation Card, pressing this button will display the Zero Client Control Panel overlay, which provides options to disconnect from the session, to power off the remote workstation, or to cancel the operation.

Alt text
Zero Client Control Panel

You can select an option from this overlay in a number of ways:

  • Continue to tap the Connect or Disconnect button to toggle between options until the desired one is highlighted, then wait for the four-second countdown to complete.
  • Use the up/down arrow keys on the keyboard to highlight the desired option, and press the Enter key.
  • Type the number of the desired option to select it immediately.

During a session, you can also use a Ctrl+Alt+F12 hotkey sequence to display this overlay, providing the following options are configured in advance:

  • Enable Session Disconnect Hotkey must be enabled in the advanced options on the Session – View Connection Server page.
  • The Enable Local Cursor and Keyboard feature must be enabled on the PCoIP host software on the host computer.
  • On the client, the keyboard must be recognized as locally connected (that is, not bridged).

Selecting the disconnect option

To use the up/down arrow keys, or to type in a number to select a disconnect option on this overlay, ensure that Enable Local Cursor and Keyboard feature is enabled and the keyboard is locally connected.

For users to use the second overlay option (that is, to power off the workstation), the power permissions on the client must be configured to enable a 'hard' power off. You can set this parameter from the AWI Power Permissions page.