Configuring SNMP Settings

Setting Default AWI OSD Management Console
Enable SNMP Disabled x
Community Name public x

From the AWI SNMP page as shown next, you can enable or disable the device’s SNMP agent.

alt text

Information: PCoIP SNMP Agent

For more information on using the PCoIP SNMP Agent, see Using SNMP with a PCoIP® Device User Guide.

To configure SNMP settings:

  1. From the AWI, select Configuration > SNMP.
  2. From the AWI SNMP page, do the following:
    • Select or clear the Enable SNMP check box. When enabled, the device enables the PCoIP SNMP agent to respond to SNMP requests. Disabling the SNMP agent prevents it from responding to SNMP requests and from generating traps. It also ensures that the PCoIP SNMP MIB cannot be accessed.
    • For Community Name, enter the SNMP community name used by the device.
  3. Click Apply.