Welcome to the Remote Workstation Card Software for Windows

Remote Workstation Card Software provides additional features and enhancements for use via the PCoIP Remote Workstation Cards installed in remote PCs/workstations running the Windows operating system, and provides compatibility for PCoIP Zero Clients or PCoIP Software clients in sessions with Remote Workstation Cards.

This software works in tandem with the PCI device function called Host Driver Function accessible from the Administrative Web Interface (AWI) of the PCoIP Remote Workstation Card. Once enabled, additional features can be configured from the Remote Workstation Card Software User Interface (UI) which is installed when the Remote Workstation Card Software is installed. The UI communicates with the PCoIP firmware via the device drivers installed by the Remote Workstation Card Software, and configures the features of the Remote Workstation Card Software.

This software allows user to:

  • Use local cursor and keyboard.

  • Lock the host PC when a session is terminated.

  • Use a host PC NIC for Wake-on-LAN (WOL).

  • Disconnect a session.

  • View host statistics and connection information.

  • Select Remote Workstation Card or workstation NIC for WoL.

Resource: Running Remote Workstation Card Software to broker sessions using VMware View

  • Remote Workstation Card Software for Windows supports using VMWare View to broker sessions on Windows host machines.

  • For more information on configuring a system to operate in this mode, see Using PCoIP® Host Cards with VMware View.