System Requirements

Before installing the Remote Workstation Card Software, ensure your PC or workstation meets the following requirements:

  • PCoIP firmware and PCoIP Software Clients must be the same version as Remote Workstation Card Software or the immediately preceding version

  • The Host Driver Function is enabled on the PCoIP Remote Workstation Card (see Enabling Host Driver Function).

  • There is only one Remote Workstation Card installed on the host PC.

  • Administrator has administrative permissions.

  • Supported operating systems:

    • Windows 10 64-bit

Remote Workstation Card Software features may be affected by restrictions/limitations of the client connecting to the Remote Workstation Card. To see any further restrictions, see the system requirements documentation of your client.

Software Client USB support

USB devices connected to PCoIP Software Client hosts are not supported when connecting to Remote Workstation Cards or Remote Workstation Card Agents.

Software Client Restrictions

Remote Workstation Card Software imposes some limitations to prevent users from getting their system into a state where the keyboard and mouse do not work. If the local cursor and keyboard feature is not enabled, mouse and keyboard input from the software client is not sent to the host PC.

  • Users cannot disable the local cursor feature on the Login screen. This restriction affects both Zero Client and software client users, which would later prevent a user from logging into the machine.

  • Users cannot disable the local cursor feature while connected to the PC/workstation from a software client.


The compatibility matrix below lists the firmware releases and the compatible PCoIP Remote Workstation Card Software releases. We recommend that you install the PCoIP Remote Workstation Card Software release that corresponds to the firmware uploaded to the Remote Workstation Card and PCoIP Zero Client.

Some features added to new releases of the Remote Workstation Card Software require firmware upgrades on the PCoIP Remote Workstation Card and/or PCoIP Zero Client.

The firmware or PCoIP Software Client versions must match or include a release that immediately precedes the version of PCoIP Remote Workstation Card Software installed on the host PC.