What Can You Connect To Using Your Tera2 PCoIP Zero Client?

Your Tera2 PCoIP Zero Client can connect to wide variety of host desktops and peripherals. This section provides an overview of your connection options. It describes:

Physically Setting Up a Tera2 PCoIP Zero Client

For instructions on how to physically set up a Tera2 PCoIP Zero Client and connect it to USB devices, monitors, and a network, see the Connecting the Tera2 PCoIP Zero Client to the Network and knowledge base article 1025. This guide has detailed instructions for each step of the installation process.

PCoIP Host Support

Tera2 PCoIP Zero Clients are pre-configured to connect directly to PCoIP Connection Manager or VMware Horizon brokers, but you can easily configure them for any session connection type. Tera2 PCoIP Zero Clients can connect to the following PCoIP host endpoints:

Device Support

The Tera2 PCoIP Zero Client supports the following devices:

  • Monitors: Depending on the Tera2 PCoIP Zero Client model, you can attach up to four monitors.
  • Analog devices: You can attach analog output devices such as headphones and speakers to the Tera2 PCoIP Zero Client’s analog output (line out) jack and analog input devices such as microphones and recording devices to the client’s analog input (line in) jack.
  • USB devices: You can attach a variety of USB devices to your Tera2 PCoIP Zero Client. USB human interface device (HID) devices (for example, keyboards, mice, Wacom tablets) are locally terminated by the client. Non-HID devices (for example, mass storage devices, some printers, non-isochronous scanners) are automatically bridged when the USB permissions are set to allow the device. The drivers for many of these devices need to be installed in the host operating system (OS).

Supported Displays and Resolutions

Tera2 PCoIP Zero Clients support from one to four displays at the following resolutions:

PCoIP Zero Client Processor Name Maximum No. of Supported Displays and Resolutions
TERA2321 1 x 3840x2160 2 See 4K Capabilities
1 x 2560x16001
2 x 1920x1200
TERA2140 2 x 3840x21602 See 4K Capabilities
2 x 2560x16001
4 x 1920x1200

4K Capabilities

4k resolutions are supported on 4K UHD monitors connected to PCoIP Zero Client DisplayPort models using firmware 20.01 or newer, while connected to:

  • Remote Workstation Cards running firmware 20.01 or newer

  • Cloud Access Software host agents with supported configurations

  • Horizon View agents with supported configurations

EDID and timing behavior

The PCoIP Zero Client will attempt to use the native timing of the monitor's EDID. 4K 60 Hz timings are not supported and the Zero Client will search for a 4K @ 30 Hz timing instead.

EDID does not have 4K @ 30 Hz Timing

If your monitor supports 4K but does not have an EDID that contains a 4k resolution of 3840x2160 @ 30 Hz, you can use the OSD's Enable Preferred Resolution Override

Review each configuration and understand its use case before determining which 4K configuration to use. Frame rates will adapt automatically based on the content being displayed. Along with having a 4K UHD monitor, it is recommended that the network connection between the Remote Workstation Card and Zero Client is 1Gb or higher.

Possible 4K Zero Client Configurations

  • Dual DisplayPort (TERA2321) PCoIP Zero Clients can support 1 4K UHD @ 30 Hz display at 15 frames per second (FPS) for full screen. A video that takes up half of the screen can run at 30 FPS

  • Quad DisplayPort (TERA2140) can support up to 2 4K UHD @ 30 Hz displays, both running 15 FPS simultaneously, or 1 running 15 FPS for a full screen and the other static. A video that takes up half of the screen can run at 30 FPS

4K Requirements

  • 4K firmware 20.01 or newer

  • DisplayPort model of a quad (TERA2140) or dual (TERA2321) zero client

  • Enable Attached Display Override feature must be disabled

  • 1 Gb connection between the client and host (for a better experience)

4K Host Requirements

4K host requirements are found in their respective Administrators' Guides

  1. Tera2 PCoIP Zero Clients support 2560x1600 resolution on attached displays using either DVI (with Y-cable) or DisplayPort interfaces. For instructions on how to connect cables to Tera2 PCoIP Zero Clients with DVI and/or DisplayPort ports to support this resolution, see knowledge base article 1025

  2. Tera2 PCoIP Zero Clients support 3840x2160 (4K UHD) resolution at 15 FPS on attached displays using Display Port interfaces when the changing content is full screen. A video that takes up half of the screen can run at 30 FPS.