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Key Benefits of PCoIP Technology

The following features and benefits are key aspects of PCoIP technology:

  • Host Rendering: Pixel-level processing means corporate intellectual property remains secured within the cloud or enterprise data center.
  • Optimized Multi-codec and Auto-Offload: Highest image quality with intelligent use of CPU or GPU encoder resources, efficient build-to-lossless and optimized bandwidth consumption on any network.
  • Dynamic Network Adaptation: Automatically delivers the best possible user experience under changing network conditions.
  • Encrypted Pixel Transmission: AES-256 Encrypted pixels ensures ultra-secure connections to PCoIP endpoints.
  • True Multicloud Solutions - End to End: Deploy Windows, Linux or macOS on public, private or hybrid cloud infrastructure, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, VMware ESXi or Red Hat KVM. Additionally PCoIP is integrated in Amazon Workspaces, VMware Horizon and major managed service providers (MSPs).