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PCoIP Ultra

PCoIP Ultra protocol enhancements from Teradici offer a significant step in PCoIP performance to meet the demands of next-generation remote workstation environments offering a faster, more interactive experience. PCoIP Ultra includes features such as CPU-Offload, GPU-Offload, Auto-Offload and AV-Lock that enable users in demanding industries such as media and entertainment, broadcast, game development or CAD to enjoy seamless access to graphics-intensive workloads delivered anywhere.

PCoIP Ultra supports 4K/UHD multi-monitor displays, high frame rate workloads, faithful text clarity and bit-exact color accuracy while also making intelligent use of the CPU, GPU, and network bandwidth.

PCoIP Ultra is disabled by default. To enable it, see Enabling PCoIP Ultra.

PCoIP Ultra Enhancements

PCoIP Ultra provides the following benefits:

  • Support for 4K/UHD high frame rate content.
  • PCoIP Ultra CPU Offload provides efficient scaling across multicore CPUs leveraging AVX2 instructions.
  • PCoIP Ultra GPU Offload provides CPU and network bandwidth efficiencies by leveraging the H.264 encoder capabilities of NVIDIA NVENC hardware.
  • PCoIP Ultra Auto-Offload offers build-to-lossless color accuracy in conjunction with network efficiency by automatically switching between CPU Offload, and GPU Offload modes, based on display activity.


To take advantage of PCoIP Ultra, you need to meet these requirements:

  • PCoIP Ultra CPU Offload requires support for AVX2 instructions on both the remote computer and the client device.
  • PCoIP Ultra GPU Offload and PCoIP Auto-Offload require a PCoIP supported NVIDIA graphics card on the remote computer.

Troubleshooting PCoIP Ultra

For troubleshooting information around implementing the PCoIP Ultra protocol enhancements, see the knowledge base article: Troubleshooting PCoIP Ultra.