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Data-driven insights need to be produced with speed and precision to optimize accurate and timely customer financial assets.

PCoIP® solutions help securities traders/brokers and financial software developers by enabling secure remote access to data, applications, and desktops. PCoIP solutions lead the industry in securing data and delivering high-fidelity graphics no matter the setup.



Overseas developers work securely on Linux workstations located in the U.S.

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Trading, Low latency Access

Provide portfolio managers and traders with technology they can rely on when breaking news demands fingertip response or trade execution. Deliver high-performance remote desktops that can handle the data analytics technology required to find customer opportunities and improve financial decision-making.

DevOps Banking

PCoIP technology delivers a secure, high-fidelity computing experience by encrypting and transmitting only display pixels to the endpoint so no business information ever leaves the cloud or data center. Security officers can rest assured that the computing power needed by devops teams is both easily accessible and securely housed in regulated back-office environments, perfect for developing customer software, creating testing tools and coding for monitoring applications.

Disaster Recovery

Teradici CAS is supported on any public cloud and in private data centers, so you can set up both primary and DR sites for streamlined business continuity and data-loss avoidance. An active DR plan guarantees recovery of files, applications and virtual machines so you have backup and recovery capabilities to ensure compliance – Teradici CAS helps you meet your SLAs for recovery time and recovery points.


AES 256

for the best in security

More than

15 Million

PCoIP users around the world


3 million +
PCoIP Zero Clients

in market today from over 30 manufacturers

PCoIP technology automatically delivers

Best user experience

under changing network conditions

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Our high-performance remote desktop and workstation software seamlessly provides the resolution, sound, and color fidelity users need to create and work from anywhere.

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Users access their remote machines, applications, and data from any PCoIP Zero Client, thin client, PC, Mac, laptop, or tablet from anywhere.


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Common applications our customers use include Office 365 applications, Bloomberg and more


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