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PCoIP® technology offers ultra-secure access to data, regardless of isolation or classification requirements. PCoIP solutions eliminate any need for deskside applications and data, thereby ensuring robust access control and the highest grade of security.

PCoIP solutions minimize infrastructure complexity, reduce costs and provide a seamless end-user experience regardless of user device or location.


Bell Helicopter

Engineers run multi-terabyte 3D simulations from zero clients and laptops

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Mapping, Modelling, and Simulations

Data scientists, analysts, engineers or government personnel demand the highest performance CPU or GPU HPC applications for data visualization and modeling, simulation training, geospatial map development, analytics and more. Teradici enables full access to your favorite data classification and analytics tools without downloading bulky datasets to local workstations. PCoIP solutions consistently deliver a high-performance user experience for those requiring the most graphics-intensive applications.

Training, R&D

Many governmental organizations are developing courses, programs, and military game simulations that involve high interactivity with computer graphics. Imagine program participants creating or analyzing intricate models and simulations that require access to computing resources that are capable of handling data-intensive workloads. Lab accessibility and machine performance are vital to the success of learning labs and distance education platforms, especially when the trainees are geographically dispersed.

Disaster Recovery

Teradici CAS is supported on any public cloud and in private data center, so you can set up both primary and DR sites for streamlined business continuity and data-loss avoidance. An active DR plan expedites recovery of files, applications and virtual machines so you have backup and recovery capabilities in place to meet your SLAs. CAS also enables dark site deployments via on-premises data centers and government clouds.

PCoIP Technology

Trusted by the Top Federal Agencies


AES 256

for the best in security


PCoIP Zero Clients

reach “Implementation Under Test” phase
of NIST’s FIPS 140-2 government validation


ITAR compliant

with AWS Cloud

Government background

Our high-performance remote desktop and workstation software seamlessly provides the resolution, sound, and color fidelity users need to create and work from anywhere.

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Users access their remote machines, applications, and data from any PCoIP Zero Client, thin client, PC, Mac, laptop, or tablet from anywhere.

FIPS 140

PCoIP Connection

Teradici CAS is offered as a marketplace download from government clouds on AWS GovCloud, Microsoft Azure Commerical and Microsoft Azure Government. Meets ITAR compliance with AWS Cloud.


Accelerate Training in Government Agencies

We've prepared a FREE 12-page guide that will show you how remote desktops can easily help you meet these challenges in a variety of training and administrative scenarios.

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Accelerate Training for Government Agencies


Linux in the Cloud

Gone are the days where hosting a Linux desktop on-premises is the only way to ensure uncompromised customization, choice and control. Download this free guide to learn how your Linux users can access remote desktops from anywhere, on any device.

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Linux deployments


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