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Today’s Limitless Possibilities with Remote Video Game Development

For developers, artists, and IT professionals who require the local, under-the-desk experience of their workstation in their gaming studio but are situated elsewhere, Teradici PCoIP solutions offer the ultimate flexibility without compromising on performance.

Like the most intensive online multi-player games with high-end graphics, game development environments also demand high frame rates, low latency, and amazing responsiveness. Teradici Cloud Access Software, powered by PCoIP technology, is already trusted in the Media & Entertainment industry, with the world’s leading VFX studios and artists realizing the capability of build-to-lossless and 100% color accuracy.

IGDA logoTeradici Cloud Access Software enables game development studios of all sizes to work remotely from anywhere, accelerate game production and launch, and secure sensitive assets within your own data center or choice of public cloud.

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Powering Remote Game Development Infrastructure

For over a decade, Teradici has established a solid track record with leaders in media and entertainment, government agencies and a variety of other industries worldwide, powering remote graphics workloads in a highly secure manner. A high-fidelity desktop experience is delivered as an encrypted pixel stream to your choice of endpoint device, while your content remains secured in your data center. Over 80% of post-production studios that leverage centralized workstations look to PCoIP technology to serve their remote access needs. Game development can also benefit from PCoIP technology signature attributes - delivering premium image quality, high interactivity, and smooth playback over any network.

The result: streamlined content production even under the most demanding environments. Gaming studios are ideally positioned to take advantage of remote gaming platforms and workstations for coding/development, artistic development (motion capture, cinematics, VFX, character modellers, lighting, audio), gameplay testing (including UI/UX) with PCs or consoles like Xbox and PlayStation, and outsourcing asset creation. As studios are shifting to cloud-based or remote workflows decoupled from endpoint hardware, remote desktops pave the way for efficiency and flexibility.

Delivering Seamless Workflows for Artists

Teradici actively collaborates with leading game engines such as Unreal Engine and Unity as well as gaming powerhouses like AMD, Intel and NVIDIA and leading public cloud providers (AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure) to ensure consistently high performance and product compatibility via Teradici’s strategic partnerships. These integrated solutions offer end-users high interactivity, premium image quality, full video playback up to 60 fps, GPU/CPU off-loading, and interoperability with a wide array of monitors. Gaming IT departments benefit from the flexibility of a seamless hybrid cloud architecture, offering development staff either on-premises or public cloud workstation resources, all realized within a unified connection management environment. 

A remote workflow also gives way for untapped flexibility. Wherever your staff or contractors are located around the world, give them the tools required for unparalleled performance, while having the exact, specified machine configurations needed from one person to the next. On-boarding is simple and likewise, disconnecting is just as stress-free.

Challenging Remote Work Scenarios – Enable Remote Development and QA

Teradici Cloud Access Software, an end-to-end, ultra-secure software solution for next-generation gaming studios enables a seamless transition for game development staff, even under difficult or varying network conditions. Plus, no need for VPN connectivity to connect from home or remote studios. 

Build Games with the Ultimate Flexibility, Management, and Scalability

The option of enabling virtualized desktop infrastructure to augment dedicated gaming boxes also cuts the need for many expensive hardware upgrades. Teradici Cloud Access Software includes a comprehensive management solution, Cloud Access Manager, that enables highly-scalable and cost-effective desktop and workstation deployments. Cloud Access Manager provides user entitlements, brokers secure connections between users and desktops, offers multi-factor authentication and manages cloud computing costs by powering resources up and down strictly as-needed.

Unrivalled Remote User Experience for Key Applications

Access your go-to applications such as Autodesk Maya, Houdini, Nuke, Blender, ZBrush, 3DS Max, and many others configured for multi-monitor environments, up to 4K/UHD display topologies, including lossless text and color accuracy – no more blocky compression artifacts imposed by the display protocol. The PCoIP protocol has a trusted history embraced by distinguished studios worldwide for unrivalled user experience compared to alternatives. Use your Wacom devices for artistic editing with near-imperceptible interactive latency and experience acceleration for post-production work, even over difficult high latency WAN conditions.

Have Peace of Mind with Content Security Best Practices using PCoIP Solutions

Gaming studios rely on PCoIP technology to achieve security compliance related to the safeguarding of intellectual property and yet-to-be released titles. Using Cloud Access Software, media and game assets are securely isolated in the data center, only accessible from authorized network endpoints as an encrypted stream of pixels. Because files themselves are never downloaded to the endpoints, intellectual property remains at studio-grade security, no matter what software applications are used to access your content. 

Enterprise subscriptions

Our enterprise subscriptions deliver a complete set of secure remoting solutions for knowledge workers and power users across a wide range of vertical markets. There are four All Access plans choose from to fit your particular needs. Each plan includes Management Console Enterprise Edition and 24 x 7 support from Teradici.

With a Desktop Access subscription you can rest easy knowing that your deployment is up-to-date, managed efficiently and supported by the inventors of PCoIP technology. Be certain that your infrastructure will evolve and scale with you, whether in your data center or the cloud.

The CA subscription gives you access to the PCoIP Standard Agent and is designed for applications that run solely on the CPU to process the workload. The CA+ subscription unlocks the PCoIP Graphics Agent and supports applications that require GPUs to support graphic-intensive workloads.

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