Customer Story

PALFINGER Structural Inspection edits massive 3D models on Google Cloud as if they were local, with Teradici CAS

Palfinger structural inspection

Vienna-based PALFINGER Structural Inspection GmbH (StrucInspect) is transforming safety inspection of bridges and other infrastructure using drones, 3D modeling, and artificial intelligence. The service accelerates inspections, makes them more cost-effective, and avoids the need to close structures to traffic. Launched in 2019, the company is a joint venture of PALFINGER, Vienna Consulting Engineers (VCE), and the Angst Group.

Palfinger background


  • Quickly create 3D models from thousands of high-res images
  • Manipulate and edit models containing hundreds of gigabytes in the cloud—without lag
  • Keep customer data secure
  • Avoid paying for high-end workstations that would be idle much of the time


  • Provisioned powerful Linux workstations on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) with NVIDIA Tesla P100 GPUs to run compute-intensive Agisoft Metashape application
  • Deployed Teradici CAS on GCP and existing laptops, enabling users to securely connect to remote workstations in GCP


  • Accelerated 3D model development
  • Enabled users to view and edit models on GCP with a local workstation experience—saving 30 minutes on a typical 8-hour project
  • Protected sensitive information: only encrypted pixels travel between GCP and laptops
  • Reduced hardware costs with “pay-as-you-go” pricing in GCP

HP Anyware (formerly Teradici CAS) is available for Windows, Linux, and macOS environments