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Teradici Sets New Bar for Remote Compute and Graphics Performance with Lenovo and NVIDIA

With Secure Remote Access to 4K Workloads from Anywhere, Creative Studios and CAD Firms Can Push Creative Boundaries Beyond the Studio to Support Hybrid Workplace Flexibility

Burnaby, Canada (April 12, 2021) Teradici®, creator of the industry-leading PCoIP® remote display protocol and Emmy Award-winning Cloud Access Software (CAS), today announced new remote workstation performance milestones in collaboration with Lenovo™ and NVIDIA that will enable hybrid workplace flexibility, even for the most graphics-intensive workloads used by content creators and designers. The industry-first performance benchmarks for color-accurate remote workstations focus on accelerating visual workflows and photo-realism.

Creative studios and CAD firms have been challenged to scale effectively beyond the studio because of security policies, home bandwidth constraints, and IT infrastructure limitations. With 4K60 remote workstation performance, workers in these traditionally “office only” fields, including visual effects, broadcast and design visualization, will have the flexibility to work securely from virtually anywhere using their industry applications, without compromise. Using the Teradici PCoIP remote display protocol to transfer only pixels, corporate assets remain  securely located in industry-compliant on-site content networks.

4K60 and Photo-Realism Benchmarks

In an industry-first benchmarked demonstration, a Lenovo ThinkStation™ P620 workstation with Teradici CAS (version 21.07 peview) delivered a fully interactive 4K60 remote experience from a corporate site to a home office, achieving a record in-session Maxon Cinebench R23 benchmark. The ThinkStation P620 is the world’s first AMD Ryzen™ ThreadRipper™ PRO workstation paired with the new NVIDIA® RTX™ A6000 GPU built on the NVIDIA Ampere architecture.

In another industry first, the combined solution leveraged NVIDIA realtime ray tracing to deliver in-session color-accurate photo-realism at dual 4K and 60 frames per second for a game development workload.

“The high level of secure performance that Teradici, Lenovo and NVIDIA have demonstrated eliminates the security and technical roadblocks that have kept creative studios and CAD firms from benefiting from the many advantages of remote work,” said Ziad Lammam, VP, Product Management at Teradici. “Corporate assets never leave the secure network, but creators can access them from virtually anywhere with a user experience that performs exactly like they’re in the studio.”

“Using incredibly powerful computing solutions, creative firms have tremendous opportunities to shrink production schedules and enable more efficient peer collaboration and project iteration,” said Bob Pette, VP, Professional Visualization at NVIDIA. “With NVIDIA’s best-in-class professional graphics performance and Teradici CAS, our customers can run the most demanding visualization workflows and meet today's design, creative, and scientific challenges regardless of location.”   

“Designers, engineers and artists now have the power they need to collaborate and be more productive and innovative, whether in the office or not,” said Rob Herman, General Manager of the Workstation and Client AI Business Unit at Lenovo. “The Lenovo ThinkStation P620 with Teradici CAS combine to create a solution that enables a highly flexible workforce with collaborate-from-anywhere needs. The ThinkStation P620 workstation can be used deskside or securely rack-mounted in a corporate machine room, compliant with enterprise security practices for content delivery networks – this can then be remotely accessed by an endpoint such as the Lenovo ThinkStation P340 Tiny both in the worker’s desk in studio, at home, or anywhere.”   

Teradici 4K60 remote workstation capabilities are available with the 21.07 development build and more 4K60 enhancements will be broadly available later this year. For more information and to sign up for updates, visit:

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