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Tangent Animation reduces IT spend and simplifies expansion with virtual workstations on Amazon Web Services

Tangent Animation

With studios in Toronto and Winnipeg, Canada, Tangent Animation delivers computer-generated animation, live-action film production, visual effects, and software development. Films include the Netflix sci-fi feature Next Gen and the Spanish-Canadian co-production feature film Ozzy.

Tangent Animation background


  • Effectively manage IT resources and costs
  • Deliver high production value without high workstation costs
  • Comply with stringent security requirements
  • Access top talent anywhere


  • Teradici Cloud Access Software, used to securely access creative applications on Amazon Web Services (AWS) with NVIDIA T4 graphics processing units (GPUs)


  • Produced portion of animated feature film using virtual workstations on AWS
  • Strengthened endpoint security: only encrypted pixels travel between the artist’s device and AWS
  • Reduced IT costs by replacing local workstations with inexpensive thin clients
  • Lowered barriers to operating in new cities for access to talent and tax incentives