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About the Management Tools

The following configuration and administrative management tools are available for PCoIP Zero Clients:

  • PCoIP On-Screen Display (OSD): The PCoIP Zero Client's pre-session built-in interface for configuring the device’s firmware. For more information, see About the PCoIP On-Screen Display.

  • PCoIP Administrative Web Interface (AWI): A web-based interface for configuring a specific PCoIP Zero Client’s firmware remotely after typing the client’s IP address into the browser’s address bar. For more information, see About the PCoIP Administrative Web Interface.

  • PCoIP Zero Client Administrative Management Software: A management tool for configuring and managing multiple PCoIP Zero Clients remotely. Our management software is the PCoIP Management Console. For further information see PCoIP Management Console, or see PCoIP® Management Console Administrators’ Guide for configuration and technical procedures.

    Secure Environments

    Use the PCoIP Management Console in secure environments to configure and manage your Zero Clients after disabling the Zero Client AWI and OSD Configuration selections.