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Configuring Mouse

Setting Default AWI OSD Management Console
Mouse speed 40
Relative Mouse disabled (hidden)

Mouse Speed

Mouse speed only apply when you use the OSD

Mouse cursor speed only applies when you use the OSD. They have no effect on keyboard settings during PCoIP sessions.

Local cursor and keyboard feature

Local cursor and keyboard is a feature of the PCoIP Host Software that improves usability for PCoIP sessions operating over WAN connections (latency > 40 ms). When enabled, the Tera2 PCoIP Zero Client can terminate input from the mouse and keyboard, and draw the cursor on the attached display(s).

For more information about this feature and instructions on how to enable it, see the PCoIP® Host Software for Windows User Guide.

From the OSD Mouse page, as shown next, you can change the mouse cursor speed.

OSD Mouse Speed
OSD Mouse page

To change the mouse cursor speed:

  1. From the OSD, select Options > User Settings > Mouse.
  2. From the OSD Mouse page, move the slider to adjust the mouse cursor speed.
  3. Click OK.

Mouse (Relative Mouse)

PCoIP Zero Clients support the Relative Mouse option when connecting to supported Windows software hosts. It is a method of translating mouse movements as a delta from the last mouse position rather than a move to an absolute position on the screen. This type of mouse control is used in many CAD/CAM, Visual Effects and First-Person Gaming software. In a CAD program you may want to control an objects orientation in 3-D with mouse movements. Moving the mouse to the left or right rotates the object around the Z-axis, and moving the mouse up or down rotates the object around the X-axis. As you continue to move the mouse left the object continues to rotate about the axis, and the rotation is not bounded by the mouse stopping at the boarders of the screen.

In fact while in relative mouse mode, the mouse cursor is not visible as the position of the mouse is not important, the mouse is only being used to control movements - up/down or left/right.

Applications that use relative mouse movements generally provide methods for entering or exiting relative mouse mode, for instance clicking on an object with the middle button. While the middle button is held down the object may be controlled using relative mouse movements.

Relative Mouse
AWI Mouse page

To enable relative mouse:

  1. Log into your Zero Client AWI.

  2. Enter https://<zero_client_ip_address>/configuration/mouse.html in the URL field.

  3. Select the Enable Relative Mouse check box.

  4. Click Apply.