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Pinging the HostΒΆ

Setting Default AWI OSD Management Console
Interval 1
Packet Size 32
Start (a button)
Stop (a button)

From the OSD Ping page, as shown next, you can ping a host to see if it's reachable across the IP network.

Alt text
OSD Ping page

You can use the ping feature to determine the maximum MTU size

Because firmware releases 3.2.0 and later force the do not fragment flag in the ping command, you can ping a host to determine the maximum MTU size.

The following parameters display on the OSD Ping page:

Ping Parameters

Parameter Description
Destination IP address or Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) to ping.
Interval Interval between ping packets.
Packet Size Size of the ping packet.
Packets Sent Number of ping packets transmitted.
Packets Received Number of ping packets received.
Start/Stop Press Start or Stop to start or stop the ping.

To ping a host:

  1. From the OSD, select Options > Diagnostics > Ping.
  2. Click Start to start the ping. To stop the ping, click Stop.
  3. Click Close.