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OSD: Amazon WorkSpaces Session SettingsΒΆ

Use the Amazon WorkSpaces session Connection Type to connect directly to your Amazon WorkSpaces desktop through multi-factor authentication when connecting with PCoIP Zero Clients on firmware 6.0 or later. This connection type removes the need to deploy and manage the PCoIP Connection Manager for Amazon WorkSpaces in order to connect PCoIP Zero Clients to Amazon WorkSpaces.

Security Consideration

The connection manager determines the security requirements. Amazon connection manager requires multi-factor authentication when connecting to Amazon WorkSpaces.

Advanced Options

Advanced parameters for this session type are accessible from the AWI.

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The following parameters can be found on the OSD Session tab for the Amazon WorkSpaces selection.

OSD Amazon WorkSpaces Parameters

Parameter Description
Registration Code Enter the code provided by Amazon when your Workspace was created.
Connection Name The name you gave your connection displayed in the OSD when you turn your zero client on.