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Frequently Asked Questions

This section provides answers to some commonly-asked questions about the Tera2 PCoIP Zero Client. For additional information, see Getting More Information, or the Support Center.

Q: What is a Tera2 PCoIP Zero Client?

A: Tera2 PCoIP Zero Clients are hardware- and firmware-based endpoints that enable users to connect remotely to PCoIP Remote Workstations, workstations running HP Anyware, Amazon WorkSpaces desktops, and VMware Horizon and VMware Horizon DaaS virtual desktops. Because they do not have general purpose CPUs, local data storage, or application operating systems, Tera2 PCoIP Zero Clients are ultra secure and easy to manage. Tera2 PCoIP Zero Clients contain upgradable firmware that enables you to customize your client with various features. Tera2 PCoIP Zero Clients come in many forms, such as small stand-alone devices, PCoIP integrated displays, and touch-screen monitors. They support multiple wide-screen formats, HD audio and local USB peripherals, and are IPv6-ready. They also have extensive USB security and authentication features, including multiple-factor authentication for use with proximity cards, smart cards, and One-Time-Passwords (OTP). Tera2 PCoIP Zero Clients are powered by a single TERA2321 or TERA2140 processor. For more information about your Tera2 PCoIP Zero Client, see About the Tera2 PCoIP Zero Client.

Q: How do I set up my Tera2 PCoIP Zero Client?

A: For instructions on how to set up a Tera2 PCoIP Zero Client and connect it to USB devices, monitors, and a network, see the Connecting the Tera2 PCoIP Zero Client to the Network. This guide has detailed instructions for each step of the installation process.

Q: How do I configure a Tera2 PCoIP Zero Client?

A: The following configuration and administrative management tools are available for Tera2 PCoIP Zero Clients: - PCoIP On-Screen Display (OSD): The Tera2 PCoIP Zero Client’s pre-session built-in interface for configuring the device’s firmware. - PCoIP Administrative Web Interface (AWI): A web-based interface for configuring a specific Tera2 PCoIP Zero Client’s firmware remotely after typing the client’s IP address into the browser’s address bar. - Teradici zero client management software: A management tool for configuring and managing multiple PCoIP Zero Clients remotely. Our management software is the PCoIP Management Console. For information about the PCoIP Management Console, see the PCoIP® Management Console Administrators’ Guide.

Q: How do I find my Tera2 PCoIP Zero Client's IP Address?

A: The Tera2 PCoIP Zero Client’s address displays in the IP Address field when you select Options > Information > Network or Options > Configuration > Network from the client’s OSD.

For more information, see How to Assign an IP Address to a PCoIP Zero ClientHow do I find the IP address of my newly installed PCoIP Zero Client or PCoIP Remote Workstation card? (1360).

Q: How do I update the Tera2 PCoIP Zero Client firmware?

A: The firmware version that is currently installed in your Tera2 PCoIP Zero Client displays in the Firmware Version field when you select Options > Information from the client’s OSD or Info > Version from the client’s AWI. For instructions on how to upload a different firmware release version, see How to Upload Firmware to a PCoIP Zero Client.

Q:What hosts can a Tera2 PCoIP Zero Client connect to?

A: Tera2 PCoIP Zero Clients are pre-configured to connect directly to PCoIP Connection Manager or VMware Horizon brokers, but you can easily configure them for any session connection type. Tera2 PCoIP Zero Clients can connect to PCoIP Remote Workstation Cards, HP Anyware, Amazon WorkSpaces Desktops, and VMware Horizon Desktops. For more information, see What Can You Connect To Using Your Tera2 PCoIP Zero Client?.

Q: What devices can I attach to my Tera2 PCoIP Zero Client?

A: You can attach the following devices:

  • Monitors: Depending on the Tera2 PCoIP Zero Client model, you can attach up to four monitors.
  • Analog devices: You can attach analog output devices such as headphones and speakers to the Tera2 PCoIP Zero Client’s analog output (line out) jack, and analog input devices such as microphones and recording devices to the client’s analog input (line in) jack.
  • USB devices: You can attach a variety of USB devices to your Tera2 PCoIP Zero Client. USB human interface device (HID) devices (for example, keyboards, mice, Wacom tablets) are locally terminated by the client. Non-HID devices (for example, mass storage devices, some printers, non-isochronous scanners) are automatically bridged when the USB permissions are set to allow the device. The drivers for many of these devices need to be installed in the host operating system.