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Proximity cards and readers that are interoperable with PCoIP Zero Clients

This reference article is specific to Tera2 Zero Clients in VMWare Horizon environments using Imprivata OneSign with proximity cards.

The following proximity card peripherals were tested and are currently supported in firmware release 3.5.x and newer.

13.56 MHz proximity card models:




  • DESFire

13.56 MHz proximity reader models:

  • HID iCLASS AIR ID Enroll RDR-7582AKU

  • RF Ideas Air ID 82 Series RDR-7L82AKU (LEGIC-Prime only) (Note: reports of 15 seconds to initialize) **

125 kHz proximity card model:

  • HID Prox

125 kHz proximity reader models:

  • HID pcProx RDR-6081 AKU

  • HID pcProx RDR-6082 AKU

  • OMNIKEY 5325 Prox

  • OMNIKEY 5325 CL Prox

Simultaneous operating frequency reader models (125kHz AND 13.56MHz):

  • WAVEID pcProx Plus RDR-80582AKU (LEGIC-Advant) - (Is a re-branded HDW-IMP-80 which works)

  • RF Ideas HID pcProx Plus RDR-80581 AKU

  • OMNIKEY 5127 CK

  • OMNIKEY 5127-mini (beginning with PCoIP Zero Client firmware version 5.4.0)

  • OMNIKEY 5427 CK