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PCoIP Software Session Variables

The PCoIP software session variables in Microsoft’s Group Policy Object (GPO) editor let you configure users’ desktops with a collection of parameters that affect PCoIP sessions with soft hosts. These variables are defined in a GPO administrative template file called pcoip.admx, which is located in a download bundle from VMware found here.

(e.g. Select Horizon version 2203 > Horizon Standard > VMware Horizon 8 2203 GO TO DOWNLOADS > Horizon GPO Bundle DOWNLOAD NOW)

You can enable and configure PCoIP software session variables in either the Group Policy Object editor’s PCoIP Session Variables > Overridable Administrator Defaults list to enable users to override settings or the PCoIP Session Variables > Overridable Administrator Defaults list to prevent users from overriding settings.

Applying Group Policy Object administrative template file for large workplace environments

For large environments, you can apply pcoip.adm to a Windows Active Directory organizational unit (OU) or to a machine that you are configuring as a template for a desktop pool. For further details, see VMware View 5 with PCoIP Network Optimization Guide from the VMware Documentation website.

For instructions on how to load the PCoIP session variables template to a virtual machine’s GPO editor, see How do I set up or override PCoIP software session variables on a virtual machine? (KB 1085). For detailed information on each PCoIP session variable, see What are PCoIP session variable GPOs? (KB 1660).